Importance of Landing pages

What is the importance of landing pages?

The importance of landing is amazingly understated. You get different types of landing pages that have different goals such as a product offer page or squeeze page. They all have one focus in mind and that is to be focused and goal oriented. The goal is to minimise distractions and get people to convert.

What are some of the highlights of someone using landing pages?

  • Generate Leads
  • Get data from viewers and consumers
  • Improve click-through rates and conversion rates
  • It’s specific to the viewers problem – can be promotion or problem specific
  • Minimise distractions

Tell me more about Landing pages!

As already mentioned landing pages are used to promote a specific offer or convert a specific audience. I have used them extensively in paid traffic campaigns like Facebook Ads and Google Ads. I have noted that the conversion rates are substantially higher than just going to a product page or home page. Going to a home page will ensure a dismal failure of your paid traffic.

The best thing you can do to your landing page is refine the offer down to a specific audience. The goal of the offer can be anything from webinar signups to buying a product from an online store.

Another important part of landing pages to acknowledge is the need to test. Specifically split-test. I have found that tracking the behaviour of the users on the page is imperative to a successful campaign to split test copy, button colours, images and even using heat maps and tracking of the audience journey.

Additional tools you can use to improve your landing pages is by tracking everything with HotJar, KissMetrics, Google Analytics and many more. I have found that colours used, buttons and images along with the associated text is the most important of the elements of a landing page.

Landing page options:

  • Unbounce – Premium landing page builder
  • Leadpages – Premium landing page builder
  • Cartflows – Free and Premium landing page builder
  • Certain page builders like DIVI have built in landing page possibilities.

In conclusion

That is a rundown on landing pages. Very brief but insightful. Landing pages can’t be ignored. There are many options in order to use landing pages. If you are on a tight budget, Cartflows and DIVI are good options but don’t have the capabilities of Leadpages and Unbounce. All in all, you need a landing page and an offer with traffic. Using landing pages will convert more people, increase your quality score thus improving your Cost Per Click and increasing your conversion rates.


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