How to ensure you create value to your customers on social media

What is value and how do I create it

Creating value on social media is the most important thing you can do today. Drowning out the noise and spam from social media sites and you will be able to make it through to your audience in a meaningful way.

Your audience pays your bills, they are your fans! They are trusting and loyal to you and your brand.  Treat them that way.

Making sure you create value has the following benefits:

  • Increased brand loyalty
  • Proper audience understanding
  • Increased feeling of connection
  • Increase sales and more frequent purchases

You can do the following things to increase the value you give your fans/ viewers on social media:

  1. Show behind the scenes

Behind the scenes are fantastic for retail ecommerce companies. Taking the buyer on a product journey, how you box things up and how you came up with a solution etc.

This helps with authenticity and transparency within the organisation.

  1. Use Infographics

Infographics can be used in posts, and shared simply on social media. It can help summarise some detail on a product or a set of products. It can also be used for statistics purposes.

  1. Case studies and white papers

Case studies and white papers are important because they allow you to share your own insights, research and innovation as to what you do. Case studies are also a form of lead generation for businesses.

  1. Chat with the CEO

Having the CEO engage with everyone, live stream chatting shows that they have time for their consumers. They are able to take time out of the day to interact, engage and maybe even encourage consumers to try other products or make recommendations and explain why.

  1. Show off your customers (The highlights)

Highlighting your customers is an amazing way of engaging and being an exciting company to work with and buy from. They can shed their views on the product and service and how it helps them or benefitted them. It is sometimes called user-generated content.

  1. Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos, guides and how-to videos are great for engaging with the audience. It helps them solve a problem they may be having with your product. It also helps with the buyers cycle and the informative aspect of researching a product.

  1. Following up from tutorial videos – other kinds of videos (talk to them)

This is what I call engaging video content where live stream something like on YouTube or Instagram Live. What would normally happen is you get together and interact with other consumers and fans and frankly talk to them. It can be a video on the development of a product or a spin off from a tutorial video. The list is endless. Doing this regularly helps keep your brand “in front of mind”.

  1. Ask questions (help)

“What can we help you with”, “How can we help you decide” etc. These questions are great for interaction with end consumers and fans.

  1. Engage with your audience

Chat to your audience, care about them, take interest in them and their lives. When you show you care, and actually do it does help with the brand perception you give off.

  1. Employee spotlight

Bringing your employees into the mix is a nice way of showing that you care about your employees and you like to talk about how great and special they are to your company. Another thing that it does is position your company. For example, an employee has 25 years experience doing contact law and has many accolades and other such awards helps establish your company as experts in a certain field.

  1. Sign up to an informative newsletter 

Asking people to sign up to the newsletter is a good way of being able to share new product releases or special events. Don’t spam them. There needs to be an actual benefit to signing up with you.

  1. Treat your customers well – they pay your bills

Treat them well. Engage, share, and tell them how much you love them. As mentioned, they pay your bills. Treat them as if they are royalty. If they have a problem, address it.

  1. Listen and learn from your clients – feedback and application

Listening to what your clients want and need is vital for product development and service delivery. Even the smallest thing you can do or change to a product, can improve it and may make it beneficial to more than just one person. It may be something you have never thought of.


So there you have it, 13 different ways you can increase the value you give to your audience on social media. They are not exhaustive but adding a few in the marketing content mix for your brand each month is a good way to start.

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