The benefits of fast hosting


There are numerous benefits of having fast hosting. Normally fast hosting is only ever associated with cloud hosting and managed VPS hosting. Anybody who recommends shared hosting as fast hosting is lying to you. Really, really lying. As a point, I will only work with clients if they agree to cloud hosting. The reason for this is because there is a severely limited amount of resources available on a shared hosting provider. This means adding a new theme or uploading plugins are troublesome. I have also noted that cloud hosting increases the rankings of the website because page speed is a ranking factor.

The following benefits can be obtained from having fast hosting:

  • An improved user-experience
  • Improved rankings
  • Improved click-through-rates
  • Better and easier to maintain and navigate the dashboard.
  • The benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Specifically what are the benefits?

I have noted that improvements to rankings are directly related to the website speed and hosting. 

Case in point, a client in northern europe had a slow website. As a result the website was jumping between Search Engine Results (SERP Results) #21-#33 on the pages. What was interesting was the drop in rank always happened over the weekend. I could never understand it. When I went into the Cpanel it always displayed errors and notices saying things like the server is under maintenance etc.

 This happened nearly every weekend with nearly an entire weekend of downtime. I moved the website over to Managed VPS and now is consistently at #11 with no other improvements.

Now, with improvements in the speed of the website. I have noticed improvements in ranking like in the instance above, improved user-experience because navigating the website is quicker and easier. As a result the ability to get someone through your website’s funnel is quicker and more effective with a higher possible client retention rate.

Some hosting providers require you to maintain the servers and monitor them. This is simple though, there are hands off solutions such as Kinsta and Pressable. The general business owner may prefer this over something that requires constant management like my preferred hosting provider Cloudways. Cloudways is more cost effective but requires a certain level of knowledge and skills to manage.

To conclude this post, those are only a few of the benefits of cloud hosting and more importantly, the benefits of fast hosting. As mentioned in one of the bullet points, the benefits outweigh the advantages. Consider looking into the solutions I recommend or alternatively contact me to assist you in the decision making process.


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